Spring Cleaning is Exhilarating!

I know many of you will look at the before and after pictures of my Quilt Shed, and think out loud, "That's an improvement?!"  But trust me, it IS a great improvement, and my creative spirit was giddy with relief when I dug in and dug out!
The before pix of the North and South 'wings' of the Shed. I had just dumped my stuff into the fray when I came home from my first Home and Garden Show. I had started to clean a tad bit, as you can see the two blue boxes on the top shelf with their fabric exteriors and 'garbage can' lace decorations.

My dye supplies are in there somewhere...
 Clutter and chaos!
Well, that was BEFORE.
Here are the AFTER pix.
 Deep, deep piles...
I got the ribbon chain idea from a popular scrapbooking site-very festive! :?}
NOW I know what I actually own-there were several moments of surprised discovery, 
"I didn't know I had that!"

The blue boxes are done, filled with blue fabric, of course.

All other boxes are filled with their appointed color, waiting for their 'clothes'. 

My dye supplies! Wahoo! Let the classes begin! I am ready! Note the Alexander Henry jungle ironing board cover hiding in the corner-only the best in the Quilt Shed!

Now I can see what I have for the next show, and what I need more of... oh, and note the stacks and stacks of 'vintage' quilt magazines? I did the math. If and when they all sell for fifty cents each, I will have over $400 in my pocket!

The New north wing. I found the floor!

The New South wing!

p.s. Don't look in my garage. My "too much stuff" from the Quilt Shed had to go somewhere...

Happy, happy quilter am I! My husband oohed and ahhed properly over the transition and said my new students tonight would be impressed. I reminded him they didn't know the before situation, so they would probably still think, "Oh, MY!" when they walk in!


  1. OL OK, I feel better about my stash now. You did a great job.

  2. LOL! Glad I could make your stash appear virtuously under control! Here is the part that is hard to believe-I have a friend in another town that has a stash that makes MINE look tame. Hopefully I never win the lottery...

  3. I can see your progress and THANKS for the ribbons on chains idea! That is perfect. Mine have been rolled in a glass container & I'm always digging and messing it up just to find one I knew I had... ~ Claudia

  4. Visited your studio, virtually. What a beauty!

  5. wow... for a minute there, I thought your 'before' pics were my sewing space!!! maybe there's hope for me yet!

    1. My beloved late Erma Bombeck once wrote, regarding her messy home and drop in visitors, to not be ashamed of your mess...just think how good it makes the visitor feel about their home! I have made that my life's goal!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us at the Learning Center! .. Pat Sloan

  7. When I saw the first picture I laughed out loud...LOL that was amazing. It made me feel really really good...I thought I was the only one.
    Isn`t it wonderful to delve into your stash of goodies and see what you have and what you put aside cause you know you are going to play with it in the near future. Thumbs up both of them!! you did fabulous and you stuck to it.
    Now DH does he know about the garage??