Trick or Treat? Whichever it turns out to be, Bell, Hook & Spindle is now a business of the past. This was our last day. The building is empty and the landlord has already found another renter.
We were a 'success' from day one. We were supported by the local community and the Canadian tourists. We taught, we met, we sold, we laughed and cried. What a wonderful 2 years we had. How many gallons of tea were consumed?
Now it is time for a new hip, healing, moving and a new life in a new community. My husband has retired twice before. He hopes that this time it will 'stick'! I will try this retirement thing for a while, but know I will keep spinning, weaving, knitting, quilting, crocheting, creating and teaching. It is in my very core to do so.
I will try and keep a decent update and show and tell on this art blog in my new retirement, even though every retiree I meet says they have 'no time'! We will see, as it is all part of the journey. Have a delightfully creative day!