Autumnal WILD Flowers

Well, some of my WILD flowers I like more than others. I found the perfect frame for this 16"X20" and I LOVE how it looks! I am in the process of getting the rest of my work framed. It really 'classes' it up!


Night time Wild flowers

Here is the silver gray rendition of the Wild Flowers series, Under the Gibbous Moon. The flowers consist of 2-3 layers in various sizes, the smallest centers being comprised of thick metallic thread. Leaves are from the several shades of silver gray thread also. New to this series is 'grass'. I used my long rectangle cardboard form, stitched two lines 1/2" apart down the center of it, as well as all around the perimeter, then sliced it right down the center. I have 11 more wild flower bases ready to quilt, all in the WILD colorway.