Eco Dyeing Silk Scarves!

If I were to go back to school this fall, and the teachers had us write what we did on our summer vacation...this is what I would be writing about!

First you lay out all your plants and extra ingredients...spritz with vinegar and vodka!
Then you roll it up, burrito style, and tie tightly with twine, ready for the steamer...

Lindy and good friend rolling up the silk scarf.

After an hour's steam, time to unroll and unveil!

Petunias are very gratifying!
Copper pennies, rusty screws, coffee beans and grounds! On gauze.

We love playing with rusty junk! See the nut rust shape?

Do you like the rich rusty blotches? Red onion skins!
Do you want yellow? Turmeric!


Rugs...rugs...rugs... My quilting stash is being greatly reduced by the creating of rag rugs. But, as any quality quilter knows, quilt stash is anything but rags! Even my non-quilting friend recognized the high end look of several fabrics in a particular rug. "Yep!" I responded. "There are name brands in that rug that would give quilters the willies to discover!" Such as Hoffman and Kaffe Fasset, but most painful ($$$) would probably be the Liberty of London lawn. When I invested in that particular piece it had been touted in quilt magazines as THE fabric to delight the quilter. What I found was that I am not particularly fond of the busy little print. I will admit the fabric did feel good going through my fingers onto the crochet hook...
But, here is the latest batch. The majority of them are already up at the Visitor Center gallery in Tonasket, and the rest will go down to Omak and into Wooly Mama's shop.

I love blue...

Yellow is so sunny.

But this assortment of neutrals is my favorite so far!

The fabrics for this rug all came from the 'black box'. I swear all of them had a black background...but when crocheted up? Wow! There is turquoise!

This is my latest rug, and I added picots to the outside border. Chunky picots...
This little rug was made with 1" strips. All the others were 2" strips.