Wild Rose

Thread painted roses on photo canvas.

Dusk-moon rising

Dusk-moon rising. Thread sketching and painting on photo canvas.

Dusk detail shot.

Yo-yos? Hair Barrettes!

I made several hundred yo-yos years ago- I was going to make a year 2000 quilt with 2000 yo-yos! Talk about a yo-yo!!!
 Zoom in on my pretty little lace basket! I did leaf 'quilting' around the edge to help hold it all together.
3 yo-yos, a button or 3, on a barrette.  Good little seller at Art in the Park!


Balsam pin, Gerbia pin

Made thread lace balsam blooms while sitting my booth this last weekend. One person thought they would make great pins, so I added beads and a pin back. I will make more, in various colors for my next sale, but I also want to feature a few blooms on a small art quilt!
I used two layers of the woven soluble I got in Portland, OR and like it oh-so-much better than the Solvy. It just doesn't tear. It is nice and tough.


Kaye's Lake II

 I did Kaye's Lake l on fabric. For Lake ll, I printed it out on photo canvas. I chose to free motion embroider the dock posts, some of the decking, the trees on the left side, and the entire mountain on the right. I wish you could see it in person! I am glad I framed in glass-everyone wants to pick the picture up and touch the thread portions to figure out what is picture and what is thread. :?}  Thank you again, Kaye Wilson, of NZ, for the use of such an incredibly beautiful photo! (Sold. Went to a very good home!)
Detail-Lake ll
I like the dimensionality the stitching suggests on the trees!

Geo Leaves-Sewing, sewing, Gone!

I had such fun and freedom making this quilt. I free-hand cut all the leaves. The pattern is leaf on leaf on square, all stitched down with satin stitch. Heavily quilted, with the tree trunk and limbs 'flattened' by the quilting. This was the quilt I was sewing the sleeve on while sitting in my vendor's booth at Art in the Park and a lady watching me sew said, "When you are finished with that, I want it!" That was fun! If you 'click' on the picture above, the enlargement will let you see the swirly tree quilting.

Pasayten Memory - Grand Finale!

 I took the plunge and quilted the sky. My mantra was, "Think clouds, think clouds..." (there is a shadow where the quilt isn't lying flat that causes the yellow looking area. I will be addressing that problem)

I put a full length "hanging stick" in the top, stretching the quilt taut. I had to had sew it into place! I had read one artist's idea of putting metal into the bottom of the quilt to make it hang nice and straight...obviously my rebar was too short and the bottom corners curl. I am pretty sure I will sew in sticks on the sides as well, to make this hang like a painting. Input/ideas welcome if you think of something better. I am just learning all this stuff! :?}
Overall I love this quilt. Feedback at Art in the Park during the weekend was good.


Pasayten Progresses ...

The saga continues-picture shows inner mountains partially quilted.

Now what?

Right side-detail
 The dilemma is-how in the world do I quilt the sky? I have quilted densely and/or loopy to give the sense of where does the mountain end and the sky begin. By doing this, I have put myself in the position of HAVING to quilt the sky densely as well. But I am not sure how to do that and still have the sky look like sky!
Left side-detail
 I am open to suggestions!


Oh! Oh! Oh! "Pasayten Memory"

I haven't been this excited about a work in quite a while! This is on the design wall, still held together with pins. I am adding 'snow' contours. I am arranging and gluing down the black thread lace of the mountains and the dark forest green thread lace foothills. I think this style should be called thread scribbling-though I haven't read that term anywhere yet.
The entire thing has been a free form play with 'what ifs'. I can think of a couple things I will do differently next time, for ease of construction, but the thread lace on top of the satin, tricot lining, and shimmer whatever that fabric was...this opens up a whole new line of possibilities!
Started with hooped Solvy
Then scribbled with black thread mountains, forest green foothills.

Pins still in- 'Pasayten Memory'
I painted the sky with watercolor acrylics. I am no painter, but I am so grateful for the 3 watercolor classes I took from Ardell, a professional painter and friend.
I will post the finished product in about a week, I think.


Dance Studios & Leafy Experiment

I will call this finished once I insert a board triangle into a sleeve in the roof, and slip a length of rebar into the bottom edge. 

Freehand-cut leaf, inside a leaf, inside a square. Batiks and hand dyed fabrics. Not your typical 'fall'!
Sold at Art in the Park 2011.