Bingo! Buttons!

I swapped some of my felted pin cushions today, for a treasure trove of button boxes (tins)!

Each box held great fun for me to find!

And there was more than buttons to be found!
Pacific NW persons...did you know Tacoma had a button company?

Do you know what all these bits and pieces are?

Found a couple of pins...

Button box or junk drawer?
Remember the old advertising giveaways?

Yes, she who keeps EVERYTHING did find a few things to toss...

May you find treasure in your life, soon!



I have a friend who makes lovely pine needle baskets. I have a few zillion Ponderosa Pines on our property and can pretty well keep her in needles to weave. Sometimes I throw a few handfuls into the dye bath after the wool has soaked up all it can.

Her latest thing is making little 'trays' and she is having me
 needle felt the 'balls' and she is making pin cushions of them.
They are kind of cute...

So, the woolly trail I seem to be on continues!


Pixies and Elves

I have been lucky enough to have a very nice local shop, The Prickly Pear, accept some of my art on consignment. They like the large dolls, but feel smaller, less expensive options would help, so... I got out the wool and needle and let the muse go forth!
Here is what has emerged so far-

This is elf, Lana Lee.
And Pixies, Pixaleena and Patina.
A 7 year old 'customer' named Pixaleena, as I had just finished making her and she needed naming.

A robin's nest with eggs and a basket with Easter eggs have been created. Pix to follow soon!
Happy Monday!