The Spinster-Self Portrait

Do you remember the dried apple doll head craze from the 1970's? Well, I resurrected that craft to show off the wool I will be selling online as doll hair. The hair is pretty darn close to my real hair, unfortunately! :?}

Remember this old pile of spinning wheel?
Restorer Rick has finally gotten my 200 year old spinning wheel spinning. Hours and hours he spent taking off 5 layers of paints and varnish and shellacs, sanding, staining, varnishing, fashioning new leather parts and 2 new legs...
It will take LOTS of practice for me to get good at this! I entertained myself for about an hour this morning and found myself hilariously uncoordinated!
Rick is a romantic, and practicing his carving. He will get better, but just the thought of his putting my new Art From The Heart logo on my wheel...he gets big points for that!

And, though hard to believe, I will have a quilt or two to show and tell on this blog by the end of the week. I AM quilting, really I am! (in between needle felting lambs and wool purses-wait til you see those!)


  1. Hey, you Megan! Thanks for stopping by! I spun almost 3 spools of yarn yesterday. Human hair thin to pinkie finger puffy size, but it was pretty much yarn!