If I were a redhead...

I am getting a lot of odds and ends finished up. This doll is sporting the redhead wool hair in our doll hair line of woolly products. I have the 'gift' of being a brand new spinner, which means I have no control on how much twist I produce when spinning-on the wheel or on the spindle. But, this is great, because it makes stupendous doll hair and art yarn, which luckily is all the rage right now! :?}
I also have been making some spontaneous gifts. I am blessed with very supportive, generous, warm and wonderful friends and they just need to be thanked now and then, with a little Art from my Heart!
 Needle felted Chicken Gift Bag. Says "thanks", especially when filled with chicken feed (candy corn, of course!)
 My friend Jessica had worn her two favorite blouse 'to death', but just couldn't toss them in the garbage. When she asked if I could use them for anything I said, "You bet", because this gifting opportunity came instantly to mind! Sweet Dreams pillowcase, one shirt on the front, one shirt for the back, and a lovely pink from my stash. Repurpose!
Only a 3 year old granddaughter could be the happy recipient of these Gramma Lindy produced mittens. I crochet a little better than I knit, but I have never mastered 'protuberances' like thumbs or sleeves...but no matter. I started with the wool off a sheep and ended with a useful, if oddly shaped, item of love for my Kate. It's been a productive day!
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  1. The two thumbs down get two thumbs up from Kate.

  2. What a wonderful way to start my day! Laughing! You are a clever writer, Megan! The ladies on the UFO page I belong to have given me some ideas on how to 'fix' the mitts.

  3. We're back again... and again... Kate occasionally requests to view her mittens.