Issaquah Quilt Show

I took many, many pix at the Issaquah Quilt Show...and one day you and I may get to see them. Right now they are sitting like so many mini van Goghs on my cell phone. You see, I am only partially computer literate. I thought I could take pictures with my phone, go home and plug it into a UBS port and share the incredible art work this group produced. Ancient dinosaur that I am it was a disappointment to find I have to be on the  "connected to the internet" plan and email them to myself or someone. And this ancient dinosaur refuses to spring for the extra bucks that privilege requires! A good reminder to remember to take my camera always and every where. Meanwhile, keep checking BPQ's website for the 2012 Show Pix here- http://www.bpquilters.org/quiltshow/quiltshowpastwinners.html

I have been prepping and prepping for this show. The main theme has been kits. Many, many kits!  There is my 'Grandma's Rainy Day' kit, which would be pretty much the norm on the West side of Washington State...

Of course there is a dye kit!

Then there is the-

and you KNOW I had to have a wooly kit!  And a needle felting kit.

And today I found a way to package that spontaneous urge that over came me the last time I was ordering online...

So, all kitted and packed up. My poor Subaru is riding low...may it be riding much higher and lighter on my return! Wish me luck!