April Treelaine

April is holding a lamb and is expecting new life. Her necklace charm reads 'Create'.

April is the youngest sister to Falla Treelaine. Summer and Freesia will be coming along soon... 

April favors the latest hairstyle, Pink Peony.


Falla Treelaine

The wool doll series continues with Flora's Seasonal Cousins. Falla Treelaine is my autumn wood nymph.  More to come. Stay tuned!
Falla Treelaine
And I 'rehaired' one of the apple heads with mohair...
Now to get ready for the next show, Fiber Fusion, in two weeks! This show will be all woolly...

Wenatchee Quilt Show

Here are a few of the quilts that 'knocked my socks off'!
Needle felted WOOL!


Clever use of the realistic fabric!


Delightful wool!

Wool applique'

Another silent auction quilt, beaded, stunning!

My Booth set up on Friday. Saturday a.m. I came in and totally revamped it...


Flora the Wood Nymph

Flora-not a cutesy toothpick but a REAL wood nymph with boobs, butt and belly button!
Good Morning! Just trying to catch up on my postings and realized Flora hadn't come to show you her new outfit. She is sporting the fall line of hair, as well. Her cousin Falla Treelaine is finished, just needs her photo shoot, but that will have to wait until after the quilt show this weekend in Wenatchee. The car is all packed, roof to flooring, and I am excited to get all set up. I have been 'tightening up' the visual appeal of my booth and think the black theme will really show off the wowsa colors I specialize in making! Pix will be shared Monday.



Another UFO bites the dust!

Another wall quilt sample for the upcoming quilt show in Wenatchee (come one, come all!) is now bound and bathed! I love the crinkly wrinkly look of a heavily quilted quilt after washing and drying, has that 'old' look.
And while out photographing all my billion bundles of wool, this little guy (girl?) dropped by.
And a couple days ago I decided to air out all our quilts in the fresh summer breeze and sunlight. It drove our Max Cat nuts! His curiosity darn near killed the cat...
Big behind, Mr. Max Cat!

He was sniffing the quilts up high and then beside them...

He checked it all out, 2 or 3 times each of 4 quilts, for over 5 minutes. Had me laughing pretty good!


If I were a redhead...

I am getting a lot of odds and ends finished up. This doll is sporting the redhead wool hair in our doll hair line of woolly products. I have the 'gift' of being a brand new spinner, which means I have no control on how much twist I produce when spinning-on the wheel or on the spindle. But, this is great, because it makes stupendous doll hair and art yarn, which luckily is all the rage right now! :?}
I also have been making some spontaneous gifts. I am blessed with very supportive, generous, warm and wonderful friends and they just need to be thanked now and then, with a little Art from my Heart!
 Needle felted Chicken Gift Bag. Says "thanks", especially when filled with chicken feed (candy corn, of course!)
 My friend Jessica had worn her two favorite blouse 'to death', but just couldn't toss them in the garbage. When she asked if I could use them for anything I said, "You bet", because this gifting opportunity came instantly to mind! Sweet Dreams pillowcase, one shirt on the front, one shirt for the back, and a lovely pink from my stash. Repurpose!
Only a 3 year old granddaughter could be the happy recipient of these Gramma Lindy produced mittens. I crochet a little better than I knit, but I have never mastered 'protuberances' like thumbs or sleeves...but no matter. I started with the wool off a sheep and ended with a useful, if oddly shaped, item of love for my Kate. It's been a productive day!
Spread the love!


A finished quilt. Imagine that!

I sewed the worms' eyes on tonight and the last button on the flower. Trimmed all the loose threads and had a photo shoot. This was started months ago as a sample for my booth showing off my hand dyes/ Oh! It feels good to get it done! Tomorrow I attack the binding on another one, label them both and give them a bath.
'After The Storm'

Quilt detail - worm


The Spinster-Self Portrait

Do you remember the dried apple doll head craze from the 1970's? Well, I resurrected that craft to show off the wool I will be selling online as doll hair. The hair is pretty darn close to my real hair, unfortunately! :?}

Remember this old pile of spinning wheel?
Restorer Rick has finally gotten my 200 year old spinning wheel spinning. Hours and hours he spent taking off 5 layers of paints and varnish and shellacs, sanding, staining, varnishing, fashioning new leather parts and 2 new legs...
It will take LOTS of practice for me to get good at this! I entertained myself for about an hour this morning and found myself hilariously uncoordinated!
Rick is a romantic, and practicing his carving. He will get better, but just the thought of his putting my new Art From The Heart logo on my wheel...he gets big points for that!

And, though hard to believe, I will have a quilt or two to show and tell on this blog by the end of the week. I AM quilting, really I am! (in between needle felting lambs and wool purses-wait til you see those!)