History of a Quilter

I was a Camp Fire leader for 7 years, and one year I heard about a local quilt shop that would give free quilting lessons to groups of Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, 4-H, etc.  Well, while the kids in my group were learning to quilt I kept thinking, "I could do this!  I like this..."  Within a year I was teaching quilting at the quilt shop, making samples, quilting on the longarm, teaching groups in their own homes.  Eventually I graduated to dying fabrics, both chemical and vegetable process, and teaching that to quilt clubs.
I have improved greatly over the years and still continue to learn and try to hopefully get those seams a quarter inch and the borders not to buckle!
The past few years I have been edging tentatively into the realm of art quilts.  Overcoming the snobbery of 'real quilting' versus using the occasional glue stick has been freeing and exhilarating!  The adventure continues...