Oh! Oh! Oh! "Pasayten Memory"

I haven't been this excited about a work in quite a while! This is on the design wall, still held together with pins. I am adding 'snow' contours. I am arranging and gluing down the black thread lace of the mountains and the dark forest green thread lace foothills. I think this style should be called thread scribbling-though I haven't read that term anywhere yet.
The entire thing has been a free form play with 'what ifs'. I can think of a couple things I will do differently next time, for ease of construction, but the thread lace on top of the satin, tricot lining, and shimmer whatever that fabric was...this opens up a whole new line of possibilities!
Started with hooped Solvy
Then scribbled with black thread mountains, forest green foothills.

Pins still in- 'Pasayten Memory'
I painted the sky with watercolor acrylics. I am no painter, but I am so grateful for the 3 watercolor classes I took from Ardell, a professional painter and friend.
I will post the finished product in about a week, I think.

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