Pasayten Memory - Grand Finale!

 I took the plunge and quilted the sky. My mantra was, "Think clouds, think clouds..." (there is a shadow where the quilt isn't lying flat that causes the yellow looking area. I will be addressing that problem)

I put a full length "hanging stick" in the top, stretching the quilt taut. I had to had sew it into place! I had read one artist's idea of putting metal into the bottom of the quilt to make it hang nice and straight...obviously my rebar was too short and the bottom corners curl. I am pretty sure I will sew in sticks on the sides as well, to make this hang like a painting. Input/ideas welcome if you think of something better. I am just learning all this stuff! :?}
Overall I love this quilt. Feedback at Art in the Park during the weekend was good.

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