Multi/Mixed Media

I am a baby-beginner in the multi-media art quilt field and loving the 'kindergarten' freedom of playing without worrying about a grade!  After I have made a raft of my own mistakes (how I learn best and keeps the 'brainstorming' aspect alive) I will watch/read tutorials and find out how I am 'supposed' to do things.  This work in progress is composed of vertical magazine page and fabric horizontal, interwoven, just like the hot pads I wove on the metal loom as a child, or the construction paper place mats we made in school for holiday parties.  I am not quite sure where to go from here on this piece, besides fixing the lumpy mountain and deciding on a shape for the whole thing... Round?  Square?


  1. Square! Can't wait to see the finished product.


  2. I kinda like the shape it is now - you could fuse it together [ or TO something ] and stitch the heck out of it
    ... and thanks for the kind words about the sunflower quilt. I guess we have a few life experiences in common

  3. Well, it is 'done'! I have posted before and after pix under my 2011 post tab if you would like to see.