Now what?

Morning Glory quilted...but now what?
 I quilted and quilted this piece, "go with the flow" style, so it is a very busy sky. I used some variegated threads. It all just disappears from a distance, which is good! The foreground flowers are supposed to be the stars of the show...
The quilting 'saved' this piece as far as my husband is concerned. He voices his opinion of my work when I ask him to. Morning Glory got the harshest verdict yet-velvet Elvis painting! But now he says it is okay... :?}  My current dilemma is, how am I going to 'frame' it after I bind the edges?  It is 42" wide!


  1. whoa! That's gorgeous. Love the flowers. Elvis???? lol Men. Sorry I don't have any framing ideas.

  2. I am looking at the above photo a lot...and I am really leaning toward spray basting that sucker to thin plywood and then framing it out with nice decorative molding, stained...hmmm...maybe dark.
    Men is right, LynCC! I TOLD him 'girls' would like it! LOL