New page!

     I have now set up my blogging page, 'A Year - A Broad', regarding my upcoming 'artist's year in the UK'.  We have purchased the tickets-we leave June 18, 2012- and soon begin the Homeland security and visa process. My husband has researched the car we will buy in Scotland, the possible place we will live, Dingwall or the vicinity, and the plane, train, and automobile options for getting us all around.  
     Today I paid for my residential class at Missenden Abbey, which is very exciting and makes this life adventure seem a little more real! The rooms at the abbey are converted monks' cells, the monastery, circa 1130, and grounds are intriguing and beautiful, and I can hardly wait for the day we fly off into the wild blue yonder!
     There are two camps among our family and friends. Camp #1 How exciting!  Camp #2 Are you nuts?
     But away we soon shall go! Go to A Year-A Broad Tab above, next to Home Tab, to follow the journey.


  1. How exciting!!!!! OK. You know what? When Scott retires from the Air Force, I will find a way for us to live a year in Wales. You've inspired me. :D Seriously - Thank you.

  2. Go for it, LynCC! We had gone to Oxford for a Science/Theology seminar 3 years ago, and Rick went again the next year. Then began his rabid online searching of colleges with fantastic libraries...he kept wistfully sharing what college had what attributes, sigh... Meanwhile I was online drooling over the art of all these incredible fiber artists thinking, "Dang! I am in the wrong country! I can't just drive to these workshops!" Until one day my husband began to wistfully share and I said, "Let's go!"
    "Really?" "Yes, really!" I am not quite sure who was more stunned, but off we go!