Program Prepping

I am scheduled to 'be the program' for the quilt guild I attend each month. I am to tell a little about what an art quilt is, how I got into fiber art, and show-and-tell scads of my work. What's not to have fun with?
So, I have a growing pile of notes and books and online research, but today I finalized a sample sheet to show why I am a fiber artist; no rules, try anything once, endless variety and do I have to say it? FUN!
From top left, clockwise...
  1. I colored the flower cartoon, then tried ironing it onto fabric. Not good...
  2. Then I colored directly onto fabric and ironed. Oh, yes!
  3. Next I used fabric markers. They were okay.
  4. Then I tried crayon onto light heat n bond stuff. Hmmm... further research needed.
  5. Satin stitched individual cloth petals then joined them into a lily. Not overly impressed.
  6. Free motion embroidered on a sparkly nylon fabric. Kinda cool!


  1. How fun! I've been prepping for our next guild meeting, too. I was asked to demo the back-basting method of applique. Which reminds me - I need to develop the handouts this week while my work load is low. . . Enjoy your show time! ;D

  2. Thank you, tarja rakel. Being able to 'play' without rules is so freeing for my personality type!

  3. Lyn CC- last month's presenter was incredibly talented. He was our featured artist at last fall's quilt show. He was funny and OH SO ORGANIZED!He had a notebook with pictures of his studio, which looked like an upscale quilt shop! He had such a good sense of humor I am thinking of doing a parody of his presentation, since, well you've seen my studio pix. I AM a parody of him...LOL!