Which way is up?

Is there anything more exciting and simultaneously terrifying than deciding to open a brick and mortar to house your dream? We are looking at buildings, doing the math, continuing to research, buying stock and equipment (so far, a rigid heddle loom, and a mid-arm quilting machine).
Meanwhile, back at the back room version of Bell, Hook & Spindle, some classes are being taken from me, some wool is going out the door and a spinning group has been born. Just to make sure I am totally exhausted at all times, I booked myself for four shows to be a vendor at-two down and two more to go. This weekend I babysit Sally's shop (and mine)
Meet Bahb!
while she gets a much needed break. The weekend after this I am at Whitworth College in Spokane, WA at a spinner's conference. Two weeks after that I am in Bellingham, WA vending a weaver's conference. By then we should have a building to come home to and begin filling it up and getting ready to open! Which brings me right back to my opening line regarding excitement and terror... :?}

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