The latest new stock...

 Today's delivery included sheep adorning an umbrella!
 At the Molson Quilt Show this past weekend I found these paper-pieced greeting cards!
 More of the hand created greeting cards and a crocheted 'tea service' gifted to me by a lovely weaver person!
Gift box floss and boutique collection floss.  
 Icy blue selection of embroidery floss and a couple Christmas reds and green.
 Notions and pattern board on the quilting side of BHnS.
 I went to an estate sale this weekend and found this lovely sample for the store. Doesn't everyone start their crochet career learning the Granny Square? I sure did!
            Found these vintage pillow cases at the estate sale, pre-stamped, ready to embroider.
 The humongous 8' sign that will be perched VERY securely on the roof of the shop.
 Rick and I wrangled the couch onto the truck and into the store this morning. The sitting area is now complete! Bring your wheels, hooks or needles and try the comfy furniture out!
 Tea cups all polished up, displayed and ready for action Saturday!
 The Vault is coming right along, just need to add a couple of lamps for much needed lighting, and a comfortable chair or two.
We are getting there!


  1. Looks great! Looking forward to hearing about Saturday...

  2. I love that tea cups! They are so aristocratic and wonderful! I am tea lover) So that collection would be a great decoration at my home.

    1. My customers became friends while drinking tea in the two years we were open. Tea drinking is a very civilized occupation!