Hello, again, after a long winter! Since we closed our yarn shop and became 'retired' I have had a total hip replacement, I still can't stop spinning yarns, I am working on writing a book, I am still meeting every Saturday with the 'girls' of The Charlotte Connection and simultaneously trying to sell our home-buy another-move. Retirement is exhausting!
I am also revamping this blog. My quilting is pretty much art quilts now, and my artistic outlets include so much more than that!

I dye and spin.
Polwarth organic wool roving.
Hand dyed silk hankies.

And weave.

Julie, my weaving mentor, wove the background and I am making a dimensional art piece upon it.
My first woven shawl. Very, very happy with it!
A woven scarf commission. 'Metrosexual' was the desired flavor he asked for.

My latest phase craze is BIG needle knitting.

And crochet.
I do cutesy sometimes...

And learn new stitches like waffle weave and wave...
I still needle felt now and then, and long to return to making the thread flower pictures. I want to get back to thread painting as well. I have crazy quilt blocks all prepared, sitting there staring at me until I get started again. There are quilt tops to be completed or repaired. There is purging to accomplish. Balancing what I SHOULD do with what I WANT to do is the whole trick! So, off this computer and back to dishes? 
I don't think so...

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