My first Home and Garden Show

Amazing how much 'stuff' I can stuff into a 10' by 10' slot! Not a lot of 'shoppers' at today's Home and Garden show...but my very supportive Mom-in-Law came to see me, so it wasn't a bad day!  Also, two very nice ladies signed up for classes, so I have that to look forward to. Hopefully there are a lot more people tomorrow, if for no other reason than it makes the day go faster! Interaction with the people is the 'pay off' for working all alone in my quilt shed for weeks! :?}


  1. Hi Lindy,
    I read your post over on Quilting Gallery so had to stop by. You do lovely work! I have just one grandson and while he lives nearby he is growing so fast. I haven't made him a special birthday banner but I just might as he turns 12 on May 4th! We have made lots of sports themed projects together. He changes his mind on who his favorite team is and then we have to make a new pillow or book cover. LOL!

  2. Hi! Sandi! Your 'resume' of artistic endeavor read a lot like mine. Creating is so much fun! Thanks for stopping by.