This is a proud moment! I scanned leaves onto fabric about 10 years ago, when I got my first scanner. Didn't know about prepping the fabric so the ink would 'take' and the picture be bright, so it was dull and boring in appearance. It has made move after move, been unearthed, sunk to the bottom of the UFO pool over and over...But I have grown and learned and when I dug it out again a few weeks back I had the tadah moment!  I sliced one fabric sheet into strips and sliced the other to receive the weaving, creating a nice subtle background. I then appliqued the batik leaves on top for vavoom, then stitched that, sandwiched with a thin batting. onto the batik gold and brown fabric. I fringed the edges of the woven fabrics.  A UFO no longer! It's nearly a miracle!

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  1. Very nice! I knewthere was something I wanted to do with those leaves I had collected...