While taking a class in design...

I took a class the last two Thursdays. A class in design dilemmas and how to recognize/solve them. Last week I had my flannel on the table, my 4" squares laid out as randomly as I was capable of doing, as per instruction, when I thought, "Hey! I like this! I then folded another square into fourths and placed it on a square of a different color. "What if I..." The instructor kind of had to pull me back into class - I wanted to be home and go at this concept!

When I did get home, I played and played and had so much fun! I didn't have a flannel board for the second class, but, oh well!  Now to finish it, always the most difficult part for my personality!  I am one super-duper starter, but a lousy finisher... I titled this one Dance Studios in honor of its vibrating, exciting colors!

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