Snow-dyed Results

I am thrilled with the results of my snow dyeing session...I only re-dyed one boring piece. But there is a tremendous mystery in this house. Where is my yellow piece? There should be a bright lemon yellow, nice and scrunchy. I see it in my photo of the bins full of snow and dye. I remember debating whether to run its own little bath to scrub the excess dye out of it, but decided that if the washer were agitating all the pieces with soap and lots of water, it should be okay, the dyes were 'dead', the chemical reactions had all taken place. I have checked and rechecked the washing machine, the drier, the garbage can for Pete's sake!!! I keep lifting the fabric thinking it may have clung to other pieces. I can only surmise that the soft pink piece may have been the yellow, but took on the red? Wouldn't that have made orange? Oh, bright lemon yellow! Where art thou?

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