I do so love to dye!

Saturday a friend came to play...

We tried the 'Sharpie/alcohol' thing (the top piece with the 'sun') But we were experimenting on cotton...which does not flow like the video I watched, which showed wow factor results on silk.
The only Procion Fiber Reactive dye colors I worked with were Turkey Red, Reddish Brown and Deep Navy and mere Lemon Meringue dust left in the empty baggy. Very interesting...surprises are the best part of dyeing!


  1. I am a new follower, i guess maybe not because I get your emails.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I don't see your name on follow so you may have to try again?

  3. How delightful the colours are as is the rest of your blog. I'd like to present you with the Leibster Blog Award - presented to blogs that the presenter believes should be recognized. It is given to "small blogs" - those with fewer than 200 followers. You might have heard of it ... but if you haven't do stop by my blog and check it out. aloosebobbin.blogspot.com

  4. Thank you so much Renate! And here I was thinking about a change in colors for Summer! :?}