Never waste a perfectly good panic!

Do you have very favorite pieces of art in your home? Did you make them? Were the fabrics one-of-a-kind hand-dyes? Did they have HOURS of creation and quilting time? Were they irreplaceable, some of your best work? Were they mailed March 12, 2012 to Illinois to then be shipped onward to International Quilt Festival of Ireland 2012? And is it the very first time you have ever entered a big show? Were you ignorant of what a confirmation card means to the Post Office, and therefore to you? A confirmation card is NOT a signature of receipt card that comes back to you so you have piece of mind that your entries arrived, and that I kept checking the mail for... No, a confirmation just shows on the Postal system's delivery info, which is NOT accessible by mere patrons. When mere patrons enter the numbers online they get red letters saying something about never shipping! Do you KNOW what red letters do to a person's pulse rate?
When you email the Festival people "Have you received my entries yet?" And they say, "not yet"... I bet you wouldn't go raging down to the post office and vent, only to be graciously, above and beyond duty, dealt with by the nicest postal person. And when you find out the entry was delivered would you try the warm and friendly approach when you call Illinois? I did, and the VERY, VERY nice ladies there put me on hold a couple of short moments until they had found my name on the list of quilts received. Hallelujah! and AMEN!
So, very nice, helpful people from Malott, WA to Illinois and Caitlin in Ireland have dealt with a nearly hysterical woman in the most gracious of manners. Thank you, Ladies. I can breathe again!


  1. I am so glad they got the entry. I would have been a nervous wreck and freaked out. Sounds like you handled it well.

  2. I could have handled it so much better, Lisa, but no one would let me get mad at them! Everyone was kind, courteous,and gave excellent examples of proper behavior to me. :?} I will say I was soooo relieved when the entries' whereabouts was confirmed I hit an operatic high note that shook the neighbors window panes! (after I hung up the phone of course)