Wow! Russia!

As bloggers know, we get to see the stats on what is being looked at on our blog and who is doing the looking. I have been watching Russia turn dark green on my map and creep ever upwards in the listings of 'most looks' by country. Today Russia had twice as many page views as the U.S., was top in page views for the week and the month, and is up to 3rd for all viewings ever! Just below the U.S. and Canada!
Thanks for all the views and interest. Can someone from Russian leave a comment letting me know how the word has spread, and why? Very, very curious!


  1. I am not from Russia but the same thing is happening to me. I wonder if there might be a teacher over there assigning us for translation?

  2. Your thought is interesting, very nice! But can't they just 'google translate' us? Are you 'quilty artsy' too?