in 2012 I signed up for an UFO group online. I have many, many Un-Finished Objects in regards to quilting. I was truly inspired by the thought of being held accountable to finish something, anything, once a month. And what a super nice, extremely supportive and encouraging group I found. The only problem is, even the moderator's 'threat' of getting the big boot out to kick my patootie into action didn't get me sewing and checking off more than a couple things all year. I had too much fun with wool and made such nice friends on that site that I didn't have the heart to quit them! So, of course, when people started posting in January regarding their continuing and new goals to finish UFOs I jumped right in.
As January is speeding toward its finish line I have yet to  take a single stitch on the quilt I dedicated to completing this month. One of those ECards online really hit home with this insight from a non-quilter to a quilter, "I understand it takes a REALLY LONG time to finish a quilt you are not even working on..." Mea culpa!!!
So, bloggers, I am now going to commit to YOU that I will at least make progress on the one quilt, my Row Robin Mother Goose from about 10 years ago. My first thing will be to dig it out of the mess in my Shed and put pix on here. In the two weeks left of January I could finish it if I just would!
Deep breath.
I will try-no, I WILL sew on this, I will sew on this, I will sew on this, I will finish this one thing, I will...

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