100* Temp

This past week of illness was long and boring. I am a 'busy beaver' type, not a lay about slug type, so every time my temp dropped to 100* or below I would spin and dye. And I actually got a lot accomplished.
I used Dharma's Electric Violet dye and the bright yellow came from tumeric/alum dye bath. I think the gold was Dharma dye...but I was feverish and some things are honestly a blur!
The gorgeous, deep red is Dharma's Fire Engine Red. Love it! I will be making lots more of THAT!
And here is the latest pic of Loki, showing how he was specially engineered to be a perfect fit in my spinning wheel setup!
And speaking of spinning, I am headed back there. It is just the perfect level of lack of thinking and gentle exercise that my healing body can handle at this time. I am so much better, but the cough lingers on, and naps sound really good... Stay well!

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