My latest playtime activity...

Black Merino, natural Shetland, crocheted together into a scarf. Spun the yarn my own little self and it makes me so happy! I have also been whipping out crochet hats from my Funky, Chunky, Thick and Thin Art Yarn. I will do some photo ops tomorrow and show you the fun results from that yarn.

Update: Pix of my UFO will also be posted tomorrow. I have taken the first step and found the project bag in the jumble that is my quilt shed. (I SO need to spring clean it again!)

AND-the very, very nice owner of Hidden Talents Art Supplies in the little town of Tonasket just 10 minutes from my house has taken in a bunch of my art for sale, lots of my wool balls, basic felting supplies, all my kits and we are in the process of getting a slew of classes lined out! I love to teach! I am so very excited by this opportunity!

Life is looking pretty frisky at the moment!

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