Funky, Chunky, Thick and Thin Art Yarn

For about a month now I have been producing Funky, Chunky, Thick and Thin Art Yarn in hand spun, hand wound yarn balls. They have been going to Hidden Talents in Tonasket, and some have sold. It is interesting how much fun the yarn is to crochet into hats and scarves! All the random colors and nubs and slubs and thicks and thins make for funky, fun wear. Here are some of the balls.
 Which I spin from the really random, funky chunky wools I have created in very colorful batts!

There are sari silk threads and poly thread clippings. When you spin and then crochet there is 'stuff' hanging out everywhere. It is very cool! I will soon feature these on Bell, Hook and Spindle.
Funky yarn and resulting hat.

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