Educational Moment re:Soybean Silk

Soybean fiber was invented by Henry Ford in 1937, and was termed as " Soy Wool". Until 1960, soybean fiber was being manufactured in Poland. This fiber was reinvented in 1998 and was promoted in 2000. At present, it can be made from waste products of the soy bean food industry.

The advantages and wearing values: Firstly, soybean yarn has cashmere-like handle - it is naturally soft, smooth, and lustrous. Then, it has good draping properties, excellent moisture absorption, and natural permanent bacteria resistance. Also, plant protein of the soybean fiber can be absorbed by the human body more easily and without any side effects. While in contact with the skin, amino acids in soybean protein fiber active skin protein and coruscate the skin's energy. Therefore garments made of soy silk are very comfortable to wear and feel like a second skin. 

Wikipedia, so it has to be true! 

The article says it blends well with other fibers, so I will be adding it to wool, to help 'calm' it down so I can spin it thinner than my first attempt. Practically spun rope my first try tonight!

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