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     My 'boss', husband Rick, is a stickler for keeping records and doing things right, so yesterday and today are ending inventory days. When I finish, we will have a fresh start for Bell, Hook & Spindle. The way things are working out, we will sign the rental agreement for August 1st occupation. I will go in and start the eggshell white painting of all the walls. Rick is beginning to construct the display cases I have asked for. We will be closed the entire month of August getting the store ready for its Grand Re-opening. Yay!!!
     I had a customer in the other day that sat on a stool eye-ing the wool batt selection as I told her of our plans to expand into the entire store. She nodded and said, "Good! Because it is a bit claustrophobic back here!" And she is right! You have to be in the actual space to grasp how much I have crammed into that small backroom!  When we spread out, and fill in, the store will still be pretty full! I have purchased a mid-arm quilting machine for public rental. I will have my personal sewing machine set up in a corner for teaching classes and demos. Of course there will be a sitting area with a couch, 2 big chairs and 2 rockers on a carpeted area for spinning, knitting, crocheting, and Tea @ 3. There is space for class tables, 1 or 2 as needed. One half of the store will be quilting related, the other half, fiber arts. Can you tell I am so very excited about working on our dream? 
    Meanwhile, back at home, I have our Angora producing stock, Slippers is in her mansion, being waited on hand and foot. I am looking forward to the day she is ready to let go of her coat! The breeder showed me how to sheer her if I choose to 'harvest' that way, but meanwhile I have been combing her coat to make sure she stays clean and fluffy. She has lovely gray fur, white belly, white tail (if you can find it!), clean face from the Rex side of her breeding. Her 3 colored fur is called agouti. If I sheer her, and carefully lay out the clips to spin from, I am supposed to be able to get a little variegation going in the yarn. How neat is that?
     So, if you ever pass through Tonasket, WA, be sure to stop in and say, "Hi!".

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