Things, they are a'changin...

Next week husband Rick and I will sign the lease for Bell, Hook & Spindle's new home. Meanwhile I am finishing up an ending inventory, which becomes our starting inventory. I have begun our wholesale purchasing. Rick has found a couple more antique spinning wheels for us, but is all about store fixture building at this time. There are business accounts to set up or shift, fixtures to buy, books on retailing to read, moments of terror, days of excitement...
Meanwhile, life as we know it continues. Last Saturday was our spinning group meeting up in Tonasket. One of the spinners took this picture of me and Slippers. I had to place a finger behind her ears to get them 'up', as they were firmly planted 'down' in disgust for being held on her backside. Have I told you she is a princess? But such a pretty princess!


  1. What a lovely and cute bunny! Super great photo! I like it so much

  2. I spun a lot of fur off that bunny. She was half angora, half short hair something, so her yarn was very rustic. People loved making mink-like crochet bracelets with Slippers soft fuzz.

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