Multi-tasking? Multi-messes!!!

I just can't seem to create one thing at a time, especially when I have been gobbling up books from the library on trapunto, felting, landscapes, fabric faces, etc. Then add 50+ blogs to wander delightedly through from the listings on QA and-mayhem! So many styles of art-dolls, painting, fabric, clay, quilts, clothes, bags, scarves- creative mayhem! I knew I was chuck-full of inspiration, but at one point today I actually became aware of my surroundings. Oh, my! Lands sakes alive!

Tasks; mending, 3 different thread painting project, kandu for Kenya-bound doll, landscape, trapunto, contest entry...In order to use my wall to view some of these I had to, once again, cover over my poor African lady. I did apologize to her. Out loud even...

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