Osprey in progress

Now he has a beak and a back...and I am still dragging my heals re: making Ponderosa pine needles! I think they will look great, but if not, ospreys build their nests on man-made platforms, dead trees...so I don't HAVE to have green pine needles.
Osprey is progressing! I kept adding to the nest, in order to avoid building the bird...but once I broke him into sections and started whacking fabric, otherwise known as 'fussy cutting', he started coming together! He still needs his back and beak, but looking good!
The feather seems to want more definition. I am toying with the idea of fuzzy yarn for fluff. I will apply the fine black netting over the nest to hold down the dozens of pieces. All the raptors nests are SO messy! Not sure what the border will be, and if the limbs should travel on out to the border. Decisions, decisions...this is such fun! (Fun, but I am avoiding the ponderosa pine needles part...) :?}

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