Next Generation

Photo printed onto canvas. Thread sketched lower half of photo and thread painted father w/son. Can't wait to work on some more 'relational' photos! :?}


  1. Hello! I saw this photo in the QA gallery. You do what I do! I love threadpainting printed photos. I'm working on a family farm right now. I print mine onto buckrum and give it a spray with krylon 'preseverve it'. And then matt & frame under glass. : ) The buckrum feeds well into the printer. DO you use actual canvas? PS - nice to meet you!

  2. The canvas is a packaged product for photos. The first batch I had was Kodak brand. I am currently waiting for a new kind to try. The Kodak photo canvas was a bit 'stiff' for the machine, but the painterly look is great! Hope this next batch is a tad bit softer. We can but experiment...
    Do you have a blog that shows off your stuff? Would love to peek. Everyone sharing is how I am slowly evolving from hobby to business