This is still 'rough draft' form, but I wanted to show you a before picture. I already love it, so the finished piece should be a winner! The rocky basalt upheavals near Riverside, WA are incredibly interesting. The lava must have kept building up before shoving the mound forward, then repeating. The 'lava' was created with dryer lint. First I sprayed basting spray on the batting, mushed, arranged and placed the 'basalt', then sprayed that with basting spray. Next I used sand paper to make water color pencil dust, brown and black, sprayed it with water to blend, and let it dry. I had strip pieced the gradation sky and field/foliage. I like the linear sky, but the fields needed breaking up. The plan is to satin stitch everything down, once my beloved Viking gets his motor installed. STILL waiting for it to arrive!

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