Viking-less Handwork

My 38 year old Viking died 2 1/2 weeks ago. Second motor I have burned out on the poor overworked machine! There are ongoing withdrawal symptoms occurring...
I am cranky, as the company I ordered the new motor from took 11 days to ship, not bothering to email me that it wasn't in stock and would take more than the 5-7 days promised on their site.
I am weepy because when the motor finally did arrive, it was the wrong one! I would have loved to be really cranky at the company-but the dufuss onus landed on moi...I had ordered the wrong one!
I have trouble focusing on what art work can be done by hand, as I keep looking over at the gutted carcass of my Viking siting on the kitchen table. The Eldredge is a sturdy little fellow, but does not do zig-zag, so my options of sewing are limited.
But, this has had a bright side. In my search for projects I can do until my new motor comes I re-watched Gilda Baron's landscape technique and went at the 4 special panels I had purposefully dyed for this. So, here is step one in the progression of playing with paint, sequins, beads, cardboard, bubblewrap and non-skid drawer lining.
I have added beads and sequins to the blue panel, variegated pink French knots and yellow seed beads to the pink panel. I chopped up my well-loved purple silk shirt, using the buttons and silk as petals and flower centers. I am leaning toward leaving the orange panel as-is. Once I get my Viking running I will free-motion some more stems, do a little machine lace for bushes, then quilt the living daylights out of the skies. Hurry motor, hurry!


  1. ooooo...so creative! Love those colors together.