Framed...what a difference!

A Little Rusty - Framed! The wonky wood was perfect!

My husband has been after me for a long time to frame my work 'properly'. I have always listened, but was loathe to part with the $$. Now I am so glad I did! What a difference a nice wood frame makes in the professional appearance of art!

Peace Like a River - framed. Framed dryer lint, imagine that!

Sunny Days in its glossy brown showcase.
Next Generation - Swan Series. Mat and frame.

Simplicity - Swan Series
Initially the Swan Series was glued to roughly painted stretched canvas and left 'as is'. I can hardly believe the difference the mat and frame makes! Thank goodness my mom saw past the canvas and bought the swan of the series, promptly removing it from there and placing it under glass for display in her home. Good call, Mom!

I will be framing out another half dozen next week. See you then!

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