'Serendipity' Line of Ice-dyed

 I already shared ice-dyeing with you, but only showed you the Egyptian cotton floss results. This last weekend's quilt show proved a great interest in the ice-dyed PFD quilting cotton I offered. Every piece had to be auditioned, and a lot of Rorschach jokes were cracked. :?}

We found iris and petunias, angels and dragons, lakes and mountains and lots of deep space nebulae!

Two samples of Serendipity
Flower appliques?

Poppies or petunias?

Do you see the face and figure on the far left of this piece?

What about the angel just to the right of the figure?
 This fabric is too fun! If you haven't tried ice-dyeing yet, get to it! Don't dye? Just send me an email and we can discuss your choice of Serendipity this week!


  1. Hi Lindy! Very vibrant colors on your ice dying! How funny about the faces! I've seen that in many of my hand dyed fabric as well over the years! Ha!

  2. I think they are showing up so much more with this method...I usually dye in jars, one color each jar, except when I am sloppy and 'contaminate' with another color. Tossing dye willy nilly on ice is lots of fun, the hardest part being the 24 hour wait! I keep wanting to embellish one of the better 'faces', but of course that would mean setting aside time and actually doing it! :?}