Getting a life...

It's not as if I haven't always had a life, but it seems to be picking up speed. I love it! I just spent two days in a local park with 48 other vendors of beautiful things. It was a maiden run with my hand dyed wool in braids, batts, bird's nests (roving) and 'painter's palettes', which I came up with for needle felting persons like myself to get a variety of color without having to buy a pound of wool.

I love watching YouTube videos with all the generously free tutorials. I will watch several on some topic, like needle felting little sheep figures, and then give it a try. My first 'sheep' I thought (mistakenly) would look cute made from my line of ice cream flavors batts. What I produced was an exceedingly homely orange sherbet/vanilla ice cream doggy sheep. Then I tried a pure vanilla sheep, very tiny, and it was a bit less doggy, but still exceedingly homely.

So, I decided to try a flat version, like a needle felted applique'. A little more sheepish, but still, well, you know...

Then I shifted back to needle felting a flower, added a stem this time, and it was pretty cute.
I showed my 'treasures' to my husband, who is my trusted critic, for his opinion. "You know," he said, "these are just ugly enough to be cute".  Well, if nothing else, I would display them at my sales as practice pieces. By mid-morning Saturday a lady came that bought every single one, save the tiny doggy/sheep, and asked if I could perhaps make something less ice cream and more sheep, like white and brown or something. I did, and to my surprise, it looked like a sheep. I know, because every little kid that walked by my booth while I was needling the poor beast, was asked, "Do you know what this is?", and they all answered a sheep or a lamb. I can build sheep! Who'da thunk!
And the sweetest sale I made that day was to a cute little 4H member who paid with her own money for the little white and brown version because it looked 'just like my sheep'. Then her mom made my day by telling me that her daughter was going to use my little art on the educational poster the kids make for the fair telling about their animal. Is that not just the neatest thing?
Wooly brown bulldog?

I think I need to go make another...
Here's hoping practice makes perfect, or something more like a sheep!

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