Natural Progression...

Ebay Treasures Arrived Today!

With all that wool I am dyeing, and then getting a drum carder, you know it was only a matter of time 'til the spinning wheels came to live with us! There is not a nail or screw any where in these hand crafted dears. See the wooden pegs below, left? And those 'stripes' on the legs are not paint-that is inlaid wood! And the hand-turned threads that screw one piece onto another...
CNORTHRUP gave us a clue. Online I found Charles Northrup did many things well, and one of them was making spinning wheels, mid-1800's perhaps!
OLDER than the Northrup we think, but we don't know yet how old...Rick thinks perhaps Colonial!
Pieces and parts of two very old and abused spinning wheels. We love them!

My very own 'Mad Spinster'!


  1. Oh wow, the collector of old things in me is very happy for you. It is so wonderful to put something so old back in use again. You lucky woman! I cannot wait to see the yarn you spin!

  2. Lisa, my husband and I have always been 'rescuers'-dogs, cats, sewing machines! Rick's initial idea was to use the parts from both wheels to make one functioning wheel. But his wife, who is spoiled and pampered above and beyond all queens, put forth her view that to smoosh the two would be morally wrong. So, he's off and running online, measuring tape in hand, to ferret out more pieces and parts to fulfill their destiny. He said he may have to make some of the parts which I am just fine with, as they will be hand crafted in this century if not the last few. It is 'just stuff'...why am I so passionate about history? And I am so glad you have a 'collector of old things' in your soul! And I am very glad there are lots of those souls out there rummaging through estate sales in old barns and saving what they can!