Website for my art...

My husband/business manager/supporter extraordinaire is slaving away on a website to feature my art. He is putting together a slide show, portfolio categories, even a Zen shopping cart!
One of my assignments was to abandon my beloved Art From The Heart logo quilt
and have a new logo professionally designed. Where to begin?!!! So, Rick sketched out his idea, I took it from there to my PrintShop program and snipped, clipped and colored out a rough draft. Then I took it to my artist friend, Ardell Burgess. She gave me some work to look over and play with while she finalizes the logo art. On one of the scans I inverted the colors and look what I got!

So, tomorrow I pick up the 'real' new logo and sometime in the next couple weeks Rick will finalize my art website and... well, I feel pretty special!

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