Art From The Heart- the website!

     My husband is a computer genius! Just thought I would get that right out there, first thing. He is also above and beyond supportive of all the artsy, wooly, weird or wonderful things I create, or try to create.
     So, he has been working and working and working on a website to feature my art. He built it from the HTML up! It was a pretty steep re-learning curve for him, as the last time he wrote code was 7 years ago. As we all know the computer world info grows 'old' in the length of time it took to type this sentence!
     But today was launch the web site day. If you have a chance, check it out. He has slide shows set to music, galleries of my art, and a Zen shopping cart (whatever that is!) I think what he did for me is beautiful. I hope you enjoy a peek...
There are a couple of error pages/links. Rick will get them fixed tomorrow!


  1. Wow, Lindy - he put together a really gorgeous site for you. Really impressive that it was all done in code, too!

  2. Thanks, LynCC. We are getting error reports from several people checking out the site. To be expected, that's why you start with friends and family when you launch!
    I told him the website is the kind of gift that he is 'paid ahead' for all birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries into the next millennium!