This, that, and ongoing framing

Flowers from my garden, just because they are pretty...
 And a 'still life' of my niddy noddy and drop spindle with wool that almost looks like yarn. Practice, practice, practice...
 Mini Floral ala Gilda Baron style,

and my venerable Still Life With Words that got a huge 'umph' up in visual strength with a hefty black wood frame.

Tomorrow I pick up more frames for more works. When those are completed, inventoried and photographed I 'get' to finish inventorying my hand dyed fabrics. I counted all my woolies today. Book keeping is not an artist's favorite chore. I will be so glad to be finished and my 'manager', also known as Dear Husband, will cease and desist asking me for an accurate, up-to-date inventory so he may complete my art website. I just want to be creating! :?}

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