Quilting Blog? Really?

     I started this blog to share my love of quilting, show off my quilts and some quilty-arty pieces, then my hand-dyeing of cotton needed to be seen-and then I dyed wool. Hmmm...      Next I got a drum carder and Rick started his spinning wheel restoration part of this addiction. Then he bought me a niddy noddy, so I had to try and learn to spin on a borrowed drop spindle. Now I have actually made wool into something resembling yarn, and enough of it, to try out the niddy noddy! I watched a tutorial, for the second time, and followed her movements as we went along. It works! I made my first skein of wool yarn. Paint me pink and call me piggy! This is so much fun!!!
And every day at the Weber's is almost better than Christmas! FedEx, UPS and/or USPS brings boxes from all over the world bearing wooly gifts in the form of spinning wheel parts and pieces. Today's offerings came to us from Estonia and Wallace, ID.

Estonia first;
Translation, anyone?

Unfortunately lacquered...

Hand carved! Hand carved spindles! And hand carved lumpy center part!

Hand forged metal, as in anvil! Too cool!
The Box from Wallace, Idaho was pretty intriguing!
How much do you think I could get for the stamps?

Mismatched, abused, cobbled and beautiful!

Hurry, Spinmeister Weber! I want to see this child's wheel* restored!
*Further research on this wheel. The design suggests it originated in Norway. The small size doesn't necessarily indicate a child's wheel but more likely a boudoir wheel, especially with the rosemaling fanciness.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. You are welcome, and thanks for reading! :?}