Rogue Quilting

Tonight I felt like quilting-and free style quilting at that! So, I had a stack of pre-cut hand dyed 6" squares. I did use a ruler to cut 3, 2 1/2, 2 and 1 1/2 inch strips, sewing those together without worrying about whom sat next to whom. I used a square to cut those strip sets into 6" squares. Picked out a pretty piece for the center background and started tossing things on the design wall, which just happens to have my background black satin still up from the last photo session. When I got what I had up, I then free-style rotary or scissor cut flower, stem and leaf shapes and slapped those puppies on there.
So, here are the three choices;
1. total chaos,
2. slightly more sane, or
3. safe as your mother's lap.

Which one floats your boat?


slightly sane

safe, but still BRIGHT!


  1. O-O-Oh! I vote for "Slightly Sane" as in that one the flowers show up better. The "Safe, but Still Bright" is just that... safe.

    That's my take,
    Nancy Smeltzer

  2. A vote with a reason behind it! Thank you,Nancy! I will learn from this.