Beyond Multi-tasking!

Today is a Saturday. A Saturday on which I am scheduled to teach a 'Know your fibers & De-icking Wool' class up at Hidden Talents. I am also looking forward to attending the bi-weekly meeting of the spinners/weavers guild, which includes our usual potluck. And, this past Thursday I had a woolly student come to my home to learn to dye wool with food grade, commercial acid and natural source dyes. Which of course gets me itching to dye again.
So, up at 5 a.m., by 9:30 a.m. I have space dyed a half pound of merino wool, baked 4 dozen molasses crinkle cookies, got the pot of multi-bean soup/chili cooking and continued yesterday's washing and drying of laundry. I tell you this, because I cracked myself up with the number of times I was adding spices to the chili and found my hand hovering over the dye vat on the front stove burner. Caught myself every time, but some calls were closer than others!
Even though I had the microwave timer going for the dye vat, I would also have the microwave going to reheat my latte' and the stove timer was called upon to monitor the cookie baking progression. Whew!
I am ready, ready, ready to go have some fun with wool today!
Have a good one yourself!

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