Updated Schedule Page and Wool Pix!

     Sally, owner of Hidden Talents Art Supply, and I have the March calendar pretty well nailed down. I will let you know here if something changes.

     I am gearing up, making 'things', for The Vintage Faire (April 27, 2013 at the Okanogan Fairgrounds). So, here are the latest artistic wool creations-
Needle Felted Nest

Spring and Robins will come again, won't they?

Basket Pincusions and nest

Easter will be here soon!

More woolly pincushions ready to be finished.

And these are my newest idea. Mini clay pots holding needle felted pin cushions.

At our last Spinning/Weaving guild meeting a member handed me a bag of this wool. She had purchased some Merino wool, at a price 'too good to be true' that was horrid.
She tried to fix it by blending it with her own delightful Shetland's wool, but was still unable to get it nice enough to spin. "Here!", she said. "You can needle felt it or use it for stuffing! I don't care. At least it will get used for something!"
So, I teased it mercilessly and sent it through Greta. I think I can get an art batt out it. And if I CAN spin it, it will make marvelous mermaid hair!

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